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Abianda’s unique expertise in working with young women and girls affected by ' gangs'  and county lines supports professionals to deliver a gender-informed and trauma-responsive service to young women they are working with.


We upskill local authorities and communities to:

  • better identify and consider young women and girls affected by, or at risk of involvement in 'gangs' and county lines; 

  • critically review and analyse cases and systems to support the gender-mainstreaming of provision for young people affected by gangs and county lines;

  • increase the capacity of local authorities and partners to better respond to young women and girls affected by, or at risk of involvement in gangs and county lines.


Our case consultations are designed to develop professional competency by sharing our practice experience. Case consultations involve working with the practitioner to increase engagement with the young woman, recognise and challenge usual power dynamics in service provision, and ensure young women are better connected to services and resources in order to reduce harm.

We work to become a critical friend to services, with a shared aim of eradicating oppressive practice, safeguarding young women and amplifying their voice in this process. Ultimately, our case consultations will upskill, raise awareness, and support professionals to better provide services to young women and girls through the lens of gender and other intersections of identity.

Our goal through our gender mainstreaming and consultancy work is to ensure that professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to work effectively with young women affected by gangs, thereby bringing about a culture shift and ensuring that gender is mainstreamed in 'gang' services. We want young women and their lived experiences to be considered by default in the design and delivery of services related to 'gangs' and county lines, rather than only through referral to gender-specific services.


Rescue and Response

As part of our Rescue and Response team, our Gender Consultant delivers case consultations to professionals across London. 


In addition to the outcomes listed above, she also delivers training across London and works to increase the rates of referrals of young women into the Rescue and Response service.

Professional Training

We deliver specialist and awareness-raising training to professionals and community members so that young women affected by gangs and county lines are more readily identified and better supported.

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