the star project

group work

This service is for young women aged 10-16 years old. The focus of the service is to work preventatively with young women who may be at risk of being affected by 'gangs' and/or county line activity.


It has long been acknowledged that there is a need to intervene in young women's and girls' lives before issues escalate and harm increases for them in the context of 'gangs'. Young women and girls we support through this service may be vulnerable due to family members, contextual or peer involvement in ‘gangs’ and county lines. 


The group work programme is delivered in various settings including youth clubs, primary and secondary schools, pupil referral units, and residential and secure units. During the sessions, young women develop the knowledge and skills they need to better understand and navigate the risks they face in their lives. They also gain work and life skills so they can make their own efforts to raise awareness about how young women are affected by ‘gangs’ and/or county line activity, and what needs to be done to prevent it.


The group work programme is a 6 - 12 session programme dependent on the needs of the group. 

The service is currently only delivered in Islington.

Young women in group work who are identified as having more acute needs and vulnerabilities can also be referred into the Star Project (10 - 16) for ongoing 1-to-1 support.


Referral Process


If you would like to refer a group of young women to this service please click hto access the referral forms

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