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weekly group


About the service

Our weekly group work programme is for young women who use/have used Abianda services. They can access this provision for up to one year and will be referred internally in Abianda. 


The group work takes place in term time only and provides a welcoming and supported environment where young women can further their work with us, and continue to develop skills to support them to pursue outcomes that are important to them. 


The group work is run by our Participation team. We run two groups per week - one for 10-16-year-olds, and one for 16-25-year-olds.


What do young women get?

  • Rolling structured annual programme

  • Young women agree what they want to achieve through the group. For example: college or work opportunities, interview prep, skills development, campaigning etc.

  • Young women work alongside our Participation team to achieve desired outcomes

  • The team provide tailored support to meet young women’s best hopes

  • Young women are supported to ‘move on’ safely and independently after one year 

  • Safe space for:

  • Peer support and friendship

  • Skills development and learning

  • Support to access EET opportunities

  • Exposure to industry, information and Abianda campaigns work


This is not a case work and advocacy service - however close contact with the lead professional for safeguarding issues will be in place.

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