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contextual safeguarding

We aim to integrate the contextual safeguarding approach into all aspects of our work alongside young women and girls. Abianda is a member of the Contextual Safeguarding Network.

Abianda’s Contextual Safeguarding Lead offers a suite of case consultations alongside internal and external training utilising solution-focused and contextual safeguarding approaches. This unique offer informs systems change work with lead professionals supporting young women and girls experiencing significant, complex and contextual risk.

What is Contextual Safeguarding?





Our Contextual Safeguarding Offer

The Contextual Safeguarding Lead's work aims to trigger systems change externally to Abianda, in the form of offering tailored training and attending relevant multi-agency meetings and panels. Both the training and case consultation offers aim to support partners in implementing a strength-based, contextual safeguarding approach both throughout their organisations and in the spaces and places that serve young women, in turn, enabling communities to be active participants in safeguarding young women and girls. 

If you would like to enquire about Abianda's contextual safeguarding offer, please email our Contextual Safeguarding Lead Fiona at fiona[at] If you would like to access a Location Consultation with our Contextual Safeguarding Lead, in regard to a physical place or space where you are concerned that girls and young women are experiencing harm, please complete this Location Consultation referral form

“Participatory approaches are essential to implementing a contextual approach effectively: we need to understand the realities of young people’s lives.”

Our Founder & CEO Abi was featured on the Contextual Safeguarding Network's podcast to discuss how we utilise - participatory principles and contextual safeguarding in our work - click here to listen

Our former practitioner Laura was featured on the Contextual Safeguarding Network's podcast to speak about developing a peer-led intervention with peer mentors at a youth club - click here to listen

Training and Professional Development

If you would like to learn more about using the contextual safeguarding approach in your own work, we offer training on contextual safety planning and taking a contextual safeguarding approach. Read more about our training here

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