Our Founder and CEO Abi ran the Hackney Half Marathon on Sunday 26 September to raise money for Abianda! The Hackney Half takes in the beauty of Hackney - from London Fields to Hackney Marshes.


If you'd like to support Abi's fundraising efforts, please donate below. Donations made here support our vital work with some of the most vulnerable and exploited young women and girls in London.

Abi running the Hackney Half
General Donations

Young women and girls in London deserve to have their voices heard so that they can influence the design and delivery of services. Donations made here support our vital work young women and girls affected by gangs and county line exploitation.  We appreciate your generosity and support.


There is significant evidence that these risks have increased as a result of lockdown arising from the Covid-19 global pandemic. Furthermore, there is growing consensus that the looming economic recession will disproportionally affect young people, and vulnerable young people in particular.


Our work supports young women to move closer to their Best Hopes. One young woman we worked with said: “I feel like I am living now, I can breathe.”


Another said: “I have realised that being in a gang is not worth it, and definitely not what I deserve in life. I now know that I am worth so much more than that.”

To give you an idea of what your money might go towards:

•    £5 pays for food and drink for a young woman attending one of our sessions

•    £10 pays for stationery and other materials for young women to keep records of her work with Abianda

•    £20 pays for a meeting room to meet young women one-to-one while other public spaces are inaccessible due to lockdown restrictions

•    £100 will cover a young woman’s travel so they are able to meet their Abianda practitioner face-to-face (on average 20 sessions)

•    £2,000 covers our office rent for one month

The small print:

We are a registered company limited by guarantee with an asset lock written into our articles of association (please visit Companies House for more information).

We will treat donations made through this platform as unrestricted funds.

Funds will be directed to where the need is greatest.

If you wish to donate money for a specific project, please contact us at hello[at]abianda.com to discuss this further.