Training FAQs
Please get in touch at hello[at] if your question is not covered here.

How much does your training cost?

Please get in touch with us at hello[at] to discuss your request.

Do you offer training on how to get young women out of gangs?

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I want to hear directly from a young woman who has been involved in gangs - will that happen at your training?

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I attended your one-day training a couple of years ago - can I now undertake one of the additional modules without doing the core module again?

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Accessibility question - What do I do if I have certain learning needs and how can I get support with that on your training?

When will you send the zoom link to us?

When and what will you send to us (slides, resources, etc.)?

Who do I contact if I have a technical issue? Pre-training email going out with my email and number?

List of accessible resources outside of what we can offer - alternative services available to them in other boroughs, who do we work with (other organisations e.g. Solace)