About the service

The Elevate programme is for young women aged 16 - 24 who have been through Abianda’s one-to-one service.


Young women must be ‘group work ready’ - for example: they are able to commit to attending group sessions, to working with other young women in peaceful and non-conflictual way, and have an interest in working around the project issues. The programme runs twice a year only.


This is not a case work and advocacy service - however close contact with lead professional for safeguarding and advocacy needs is in place.


What do young women get?

Young women get a 10-day programme delivered by the Abianda Participation Team and Abianda Consultants.


Young women will be accredited as follows:

  • Week 1: CPD in Level 1 Skills Development 

  • Week 2: Level 1 Leadership  


It is an intensive 2 week group work space where they work on:

  • Self care and life skills development

  • Work skills development 

  • Leadership skills development

  • Introduction to campaigns work

  • Support to access education and employment opportunities

  • Building trusting relationships with the team, enter into group discussions and individual/team challenges.


The programme builds on young women’s existing knowledge, skills and confidence to become confident facilitators and trainers. The second week has a focus on leadership.  Exploring personal and social identities through power and equalities, the final week will be led by the young women developing a social action campaign targeting an issue important to them. 


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