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Participation is the ‘active involvement and real influence of people in the decisions that affect them’. 

Abianda believes that those affected by a problem are best placed to find the solutions and young women should be supported to have their voices heard by Abianda, other services and in the community. 

Abianda provides spaces for young women to come together. We offer several opportunities, such as:

  • Young Women’s Advisory Group -  for 18 - 25-year-olds with lived experience who work with the Participation team on organisational projects as well as leading and developing their own opportunities. 

  • Elevate - A 10-day leadership development programme for 18 - 25-year-olds

  • Group work - short-term group work sessions focusing on young women & girls developing skills around using their voices to effect change, alongside skills and personal development

If you are interested in these activities, please contact the Participation team on

Our participation principles are:

  • Work in a non-hierarchical way

  • Challenge unequal dynamics power & oppression

  • Tip the balance of power in favour of young women

  • Ensure young women inform future practice and services

  • Recognise that young women are best placed to identify issues and solutions

Please note that the Participation team does not offer 1:1 casework support but can signpost or refer you to appropriate support where necessary.


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