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We are looking for young women* to bring their expertise and their voice to Abianda, by joining our Young Women’s Advisory Group (YWAG). Our YWAG will learn about and influence Abianda’s work with young women and girls to ensure they are always at the heart of the organisation.


(*Non-binary people are welcome to apply if they believe that they have lived experience that is aligned with women and girls)

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What Abianda does (and what is criminal exploitation)

Abianda is a non-profit social enterprise that works with young women and girls affected by criminal exploitation and violence and provides training for the professionals who work with them. We do this through our unique model of practice – we address the barriers that stop young women from seeking help & work alongside them to design & deliver our services.

When we speak about criminal exploitation, we are referring to a type of abuse where children and young people are manipulated, forced and/or coerced into committing crimes. We also often refer to 'county lines' in our work. County lines is the police term for criminal groups exploiting young people into moving drugs from one place, usually a big city, to another place. You can read more about criminal exploitation and county lines here.

What does being a part of the YWAG involve?

In the YWAG, you'll be able to explore different opportunities and be involved in projects and activities that interest you; the YWAG is led by its members with support from Abianda’s Participation team to ensure that it is a meaningful space for you.


Everything is an invitation. Though we want a commitment of a year with the aim to meet monthly, you choose what works best for you. We also understand things change, so will work alongside you to support your other life commitments.

What is the criteria to join?

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Young women's

Advisory Group

What Abianda does
What will you get

What will you get out of joining the YWAG?

  • The chance to meet other young women who are also passionate about making a difference in the way Abianda and other organisations serve young women and girls

  • You'll get paid* for your time and travel

  • Workshops and training

  • Learn how you can make your voice heard where it matters most within Abianda and the wider community

  • A look into how a social enterprise runs and the chance to input into big decisions alongside our staff and board members

  • You’ll work closely with our Participation team who can shape opportunities to suit you and your interests

*Exact payment amount is still to be decided, but it will at least meet the London living wage of £11.95 per hour. 

How to apply


To apply, tell us about a topic of your choice - it could be something you are really passionate about, something you are proud of, or something you want to change. 

Creativity is welcome! For example, you could send us a drawing, a voice note, a video, a painting, an essay, a journal entry or a presentation on your chosen topic.

Alex, the Participation Lead, is happy to talk to you if you have any questions or need support with your application. You can email us at or Whatsapp or text on 07840849058 and we’ll get back to you with an email, Whatsapp or a phone call (however you'd prefer).

Along with your topic, please send us your full name, age and the borough you are located in. You can submit your application via Whatsapp or text on 07840849058 or email by 12pm Monday 18 September.

The next stage is that we would invite you in for an interview. Please note that this may be a group interview. The interview will most likely be Friday 22 September. We'll be in touch with you at least a few days before the interview to let you know the outcome of your application. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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