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core module

Working with Young Women and Girls Affected by 'Gangs' and County Lines

Our Core Module provides an introduction to how young women and girls are affected by 'gangs' and county lines.

Our training is informed by current and former service users. Having young women who have been affected by criminal exploitation, violence and extra-familial harm influence training content and delivery ensures that professionals from a wide range of sectors and specialisms understand the realities of young women’s lives and experiences. As such, we aim to increase professionals' awareness of 'gang'-related harm in young women, including how to spot the signs and provide support.





Who for?

This module is perfect for anyone working with young people. We have previously trained social workers, teachers and school staff, youth workers, nurses, doctors, police officers and Independent Domestic/Sexual Violence Advocates. 


​An interactive 3-hour module delivered by our practitioners.


Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees learn about Abianda – our model of practice, values and services.

  • We provide an introduction to Solution Focused Practice, a cornerstone of our approach to working with young women.

  • We explore and challenge the stereotypes and myths around young women, 'gangs' and county lines, and facilitate a critical discussion of the term “gang”.

  • We address the risks young women face, and the barriers to them accessing support.

  • We share the ideal knowledge, skills and attitudes young women tell us they want professionals to have.

  • Attendees will come away with an enhanced understanding of how young women and girls are affected by 'gangs' and county lines, what stops them from getting help, and how to respond.



"Great insight, very interactive, abstract thinking, and useful reflective work with deeper questioning and understanding. The trainer speaks with such grace and facilitated the space to understand our own mental processes throughout the training - giving us a wider and informative perspective. Amazing training! 10/10 recommend."

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