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"Whilst working as an intern at Abianda I learned many skills and am now able to progress in the future." -Abianda intern 2021

What is the Internship?

The Abianda internship is an amazing opportunity for young women to learn many different skills even though it is mostly focused on finance and admin. This role is made up of several components that are vital to the organisation. Once the internship ends you will have then taken away many skills for you to then be able to expand your future.

What will my role be?

As an Abianda intern your role will be to:

  • Assist with finance tasks e.g. creating spreadsheets, use formulas, support account management.

  • Administrative duties such as, Handling the offices main email, answering phone calls, taking enquiries.

  • Handle IT tasks like, creating zoom links, setting up meetings and calendar events, file documents in google drive.

  • You will also do office supply orders such as refreshments and stationary.

What do I need to apply? 

To apply for this role you must:
Be aged 16-24

  • You have previously used Abianda services

  • Willing to work 2 days a week for 4 months

Perks of the internship

You are paid £12/hr which is above minimum wage. A laptop is provided for you to work on and you also get £5 for lunch on the days you work. 

"She believed she could so she did"

There is no limit on what a woman can do if you believe you can then go for it, inspire and empower yourself to be your best you. There is no limits to what you can accomplish. Be the woman you are and always remember if you want it enough you will have it.


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