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About Us and With Us: A Youth Best Practice Event

Yesterday our Participation Lead Alex attended London's Violence Reduction Unit Young People's Action Group's 'About Us and With Us: A Youth Best Practice Event'. It was great to hear from all the young people on the panel and other organisations including Partnership for Young London. The Young People's Action Group spoke about the work they've done with other organisations and how they aim to be a critical friend to them - speaking about really listening, valuing and utilising youth voices in programme development, from the very start of the project.

The event utilised activities that really showed the power of involving young people at all stages. An image shows what Alex's group came up with when asked what they think good participation involves. All great points! We love 'accessibility', 'fun' and 'youth-led!'. Thanks to London VRU's Young People's Action Group for having us! Participation is central to Abianda and how we work alongside young women and girls. The event was closed with a lovely quote -

"You don't have to be great to start, but you do need to start to be great"


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