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August 2021 Newsletter

Abianda Training - now CPD certified! Training workshop on 14 Sept...and we're recruiting!

We're really pleased to share that CPD UK has accredited our following training modules.

  1. CORE MODULE - Working with Young Women and Girls Affected by Gangs and County Lines (spaces available: 14 Sept)

  2. Advocating for and with Young Women

  3. The Power of Language

  4. Supporting Young Women in Secure Accommodation

  5. Reflections on Taking a Contextual Safeguarding Approach

  6. Information Sharing - Abianda exercise in practice

  7. Anger - Abianda exercise in practice

  8. Contextual Safety Planning - Abianda exercise in practice

All future training attendees will receive a CPD Certificate for the above modules.

To find out more about our different training modules, please visit our website.

Core Module - Working with Young Women and Girls Affected by Gangs and County Lines

Our CPD-accredited online training workshop is available for individuals to attend.

​An interactive 3-hour module delivered by our practitioners. ​

  • We explore and challenge the stereotypes and myths around young women, gangs and county lines, and facilitate a critical discussion of the term “gang”.

  • We address the risks young women face, and the barriers to them accessing support.

  • We share the ideal knowledge, skills and attitudes young women tell us they want professionals to have.

One week left!

We are looking for two practitioners whose values align with Abianda's to join the team! They will work shoulder-to-shoulder with young women and girls using Abianda’s unique model of practice.

Do you know anyone who will go the extra mile for young women and hold hope that life for them can be different? Someone who can reach and engage girls and young women who are involved in or affected by gangs? Please share our job vacancies with them as we'd love to hear from them! You can find the role descriptions for the 10-16 Practitioner here and the 16-24 Practitioner here. Please visit to download the application forms or feel free to email for more information or if you'd like to discuss any accessibility requirements. The applications are open until 30 August. Interviews will be held on 14 Sept. (16-24 role) and 15 Sept. (10-16 role). We particularly welcome applications from women with disabilities, Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, LGBTQ+ and from different socio-economic and educational backgrounds. We welcome applications from people from all walks of life, including those who may have had exposure to similar experiences that young women across London are facing.

To read the newsletter, please click this link


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