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International Women's Month

We may have missed International Women's Day (although we like to think that every day at Abianda is International Women's Day...), but March is still International Women's Month! Our Young Women's Advisory Group (YWAG) wanted to reflect on this year's theme - Inspire Inclusion.

When considering how the YWAG inspire inclusion for each other and the group:

We have given space to each person and listened to each other’s thoughts and opinions, as well as our own personal experiences. It’s important to allow different voices and I believe we all do that.

We’ve also made a promise to consider the perspectives of people who are outside of the room, because whilst everyone can’t be involved in every discussion, they may be affected by it, and their potential contributions should therefore be considered.

When thinking about how Abianda inspires inclusion for the young women and girls that we serve:

With the formation of the YWAG, Abianda is committing to a ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ technique. By valuing young women’s voices, Abianda is demonstrating that the young women they work with themselves are valued, making collaboration easier.

International Women’s Day is a celebration not just confined to a single day, but an ongoing commitment to recognise, empower and include young women from all walks of life. As a member of the Young Women’s Advisory Group, we aim to inspire inclusion every day, something that can be seen in our Group Agreement.


At the YWAG, inclusion is one of our guiding principles, as we understand that true progress stems from the collective contributions of everyone involved. Each member brings a unique perspective and experience, and together we wrote the Group Agreement as a commitment to each other, and to inspiring inclusion. We don’t just acknowledge diversity, we celebrate it!


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