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Keeping Girls and Young Women Safe Report

Young women and girls are often overlooked by services in relation to child criminal exploitation. A new report 'Keeping Girls and Young Women Safe: Protecting and supporting girls and young women at risk of exploitation, violence, gangs and harm' highlights the risks and barriers faced by young women and girls.

Abianda submitted evidence for the report. We emphasised the need for high-quality trauma-informed services that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with young women and girls affected by exploitation. This support must be led by the young women and work with them at their own pace.

We advocate for preventative education and developing critical consciousness to support young women and girls. This empowers young women to make informed decisions and advocate for themselves - achieving their goals by utilising their existing networks, community resources and specialist support services.

The report makes recommendations including:

- Prioritising the protection of girls and young women from harm in 'gang'-related contexts in safeguarding and Violence Against Women and Girls strategies

- Specialist educational programmes in schools & specialist youth programmes to support girls at risk of exploitation

Thank you to the Commission on Young Lives and the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies for this well-needed spotlight on young women and girls at risk of exploitation, violence and harm. Read the full report here.


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