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School Exclusions

We are concerned with figures from Agenda Alliance's analysis showing that Black Caribbean, mixed Black, Irish Traveller and Gypsy/Roma girls are disproportionately excluded and suspended from school. It is unacceptable that racial biases are impacting girls' access to education.

This is especially worrying when we put these exclusion statistics alongside findings from the recent Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel, which tells us (which we already know) that exclusion from mainstream education settings can result in a higher risk of criminal exploitation.

There are often no robust plans in place for children's education, or sufficient contextual safeguarding analysis to understand the risk for young people when placed into alternative provision. The chance of this analysis being conducted through a gendered lens is even more rare! And so the disproportionate impact of these risks for minoritised girls continues.

We must understand and advocate for the girls and young women affected by these racial and gender stereotypes. As an organisation, we have been able to learn how adultification affects Black girls and young women from Jahnine Davis at Listen Up Research. We also found Milk and Honey Bees' report 'See Us, Hear Us. On Black Girlhood in Lambeth' offered an invaluable insight into the experiences of south London-based Black girls and young women. The Traveller Movement has a helpful resource on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller women including support service signposting and community information.

We're grateful that Agenda Alliance is highlighting important issues facing girls and young women.


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