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"Kept us engaged and interested. Very informative. Definitely improved my knowledge and understanding as well as my confidence in effectively delivering the approach in real world context."

Contextual Safeguarding

This module offers foundational and intermediary-level knowledge of the Contextual Safeguarding Framework. The content supports participants' skill development in the practical application of the framework. The modules aims to increase confidence in supporting young women, particularly in the context of criminal exploitation.


Through the use of group discussion, case studies and reflective tools, the module provides participants space to critically reflect on their practice as well as to identify opportunities for systems change.

Who for?

This module is perfect for anyone working with young people. We have previously trained social workers, teachers and school staff, youth workers, nurses, doctors, police officers and Independent Domestic/Sexual Violence Advocates. 


​An interactive 3-hour module delivered by our practitioners.


Module Aims

  • To increase awareness and understanding of the Contextual Safeguarding Framework, including exploration of the four principles and two levels of Contextual Safeguarding intervention.

  • To explore examples of evidence-informed practice in utilising this framework with young women, from a strengths-based, rights-based, participatory approach.

  • Reflective consideration of barriers and challenges to implementing the Contextual Safeguarding Framework across the sector.

  • To discuss how the Contextual Safeguarding Framework could be implemented throughout participants’ own organisations and contexts.

  • To enable all participants to critically reflect on their own practice, as well as to increase their confidence in influencing best practice in their area(s) of work and in turn, inform wider system change.

Contextual safeguarding

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