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modern day slavery & the National Referral mechanism

Our Modern Day Slavery and the National Referral Mehanism module introduces the legislative and policy frameworks around modern slavery, trafficking and the role of the National Referral Mechanism in the context of county lines exploitation. Using reflective tools and case studies, this module supports increased knowledge and awareness in both theory and practice. Participants will come away with increased knowledge and confidence in how this legislation can support young women, whilst also considering potential barriers and risks.

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Who for?

Attendees must have completed our Core ModuleWorking with Young Women and Girls Affected by 'Gangs' and County Lines before attending this module. We welcome all professionals who work with young women and girls who may be impacted by criminal exploitation. 


​An interactive 3-hour module delivered by our practitioners.


Learning Outcomes

• Increased understanding of the role of modern slavery and trafficking in county lines exploitation

• Increased awareness of the Modern Slavery Act (2015)

• Increased awareness of the role and purpose of the National Referral Mechanism (NRM)

• Increased understanding of how the NRM can support exploited young women

• Increased confidence in advocating for an NRM referral to be made

• Understand how the Modern Slavery Act (2015)  relates to “gang” exploitation in the UK.

• Recognise the features of modern slavery within the County Lines distribution model.

• Improved ability to identify the signs of modern slavery and develop the knowledge and confidence to respond to concerns

•Improve the ability to  recognise the ways in which modern day slavery  impacts women and girls exploited by ‘gangs’

• Develop an understanding of the barriers that prevent victims from seeking help.

• Increase confidence to implement  a trauma informed approach into your existing practice.



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