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April 2021 Newsletter

Abianda April 2021 - Spotlight on Rescue and Response

A pan-London service that supports young people involved in or affected by county lines

The service is delivered in partnership by Abianda, St Giles Trust, Safer London, and the London Borough of Brent.

The Rescue and Response programme provides a range of services and resources:

  • 1:1 support for young people exploited from London

  • Specialist support for young women

  • Help to manage risk and safeguarding

  • Support to move away from county lines and experiences of criminal exploitation and harm

  • Family and housing support

  • Gender mainstreaming and consultations for professionals and teams

  • Awareness raising training on county lines

  • Help build network analysis through pan London intel gathering

  • An out-of-hours phone number for professionals operated by St Giles Trust

Wraparound advocacy and a structured programme of work

Abianda practitioners will work shoulder to shoulder with young women to provide rights-based and wraparound advocacy support. The service includes a 12-15 session structured programme of work. To find out more, visit:

Case Consultations

Our case consultations are designed to develop professional competency by sharing our practice experience. Case consultations involve working with the practitioner to increase engagement with the young woman, recognise and challenge usual power dynamics in service provision, and ensure young women are better connected to services and resources in order to reduce harm.

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