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Catch22 + Abianda

On 11 October, we had over 30 professionals attend our training 'Working with Young Women and Girls Affected by Gangs and County Lines' in partnership with Catch22. The group was so engaged and shared some great reflections about their practice.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated! We know that you will all put in so much effort to support the young people that you work alongside.

We are so grateful for the kind feedback that has been shared:

"Jocelyn was engaging and informative!"

"The presentation was excellent and lots of useful tips and information."

"Engaging, informative, inclusive and respectful."

We will be working together with Catch22 to support their staff working alongside young women and girls affected by 'gangs' and county lines. We're excited to build our partnership and share learning between our organisations to keep more young people safe from harm all over the UK.


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