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Contextual Safeguarding Book Launch

On Wednesday, Abianda had the pleasure of attending the book launch for Contextual Safeguarding: The Next Chapter at Redmond Community Centre. We felt honoured and inspired to be in a room of passionate and like-minded professionals, academics and people, as well as privileged to hear both moving and rousing speeches/readings from a number of contributors to the book.

At Abianda, the Contextual Safeguarding approach is held central to everything that we do. We look forward to taking on board the information and insight in this book, and transferring it to our practice.

Our Contextual Safeguarding Lead, Fiona, was excited to have our copy of the book signed by both Carlene Firmin and Jenny Lloyd and we'll be treasuring it in our Abianda library.

Thank you to everyone at the Contextual Safeguarding Network for continuing their excellent work and for having us at this book launch.


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