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National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

National Child Exploitation Awareness Day is 18 March 2023. We work with young women and girls affected by criminal exploitation and violence. Our young women have shared some indicators of exploitation that they want professionals to keep an eye out for.

Picture reads: "National Child Exploitation Awareness Day. Spotting the Signs. There is no ‘type’ of young woman or girl who is affected by exploitation. Young women we work alongside came up with some potential ‘signs’ that professionals can look out for. Some of these will apply to any young person or child and we should be looking holistically across different contexts to build a picture of risk and vulnerability."

Two columns of text. The first reads: "Peers/Relationships: -Changing friendship groups -New/controlling/abusive boyfriend/girlfriend/partner  Being protective over / secretive about the nature of relationships -Accessing concerning or inappropriate content on social media, e.g. violence, drugs, significant bundles of cash likely linked to criminal profits" The second column reads: "Whereabouts:  -‘Jumping’ out of school or low attendance -Getting home later and later -Secretive about whereabouts, and who with -Unable to go to certain areas" Picked up in different areas and/or different cars Multiple train tickets"
Two columns of text. The first reads: "Mental Health: -Change of attitude or behaviour -Dissociation and/or social isolation -Secretive -Easily triggered/angry/irritable/tired/ withdrawn -Anxiety and fear – looking over her shoulder all the time -Self-harm and/or suicidal ideation  -Evidence of trauma or PTSD" The second column reads: "Appearance: -Having money from unknown sources (shown through gifts, new trainers, changing appearance, etc.) -Multiple mobile phones -Changes to hygiene – positive or negative -Dishevelled -Bruises and other injuries -Smelling of weed, red eyes, body odour"
Dark blue large texts that reads: "Services must work together to amplify the voices of young women and girls to keep them safe from harm and abuse."


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