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Safeguarding Adolescents and Young People Conference

On 16 March, Abianda's Gender Consultant Lucia attended Healthcare Conferences UK's Safeguarding Adolescents and Young People Conference. The focus of this year's conference was focus on improving safeguarding practice: delivering a strengths based approach, transitional safeguarding, contextual safeguarding and complex safeguarding.

Lucia works on the MOPAC-funded pan-London Rescue and Response project, providing case consultations and training for professionals to work more effectively with young women and girls. In her presentation, she spoke about young women and girls experiences with extra-familial harm associated with county lines and criminal exploitation, drawing on data and trends from the Rescue and Response project. She spoke about the specific barriers that young women face when accessing support and how she works to improve practice and safeguarding young women and girls. Thanks for having us, Healthcare Conferences UK!


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