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YWAG Meeting

The Young Women's Advisory Group met for our second meeting last week and it was also our end-of-year celebration. We worked on our group agreement - we spoke about  how to ensure we are considering the voices that are not at the table; how to have meaningful conversations and how to manage difficult topics respectful of each other's different opinions and views

We discussed how the YWAG members will know that the group has been useful for them and has achieved the aims that the group has set out. 

We have begun to explore ideas about what work & projects the YWAG would like to do; after an initial brainstorming session, emerging themes were around social injustices that exist throughout the world, the systemic oppression of certain groups of people and a call for more collective action and safe spaces.

Thank you to Arsenal FC for allowing us to use the Arsenal Hub for our meeting.

Here is a reflection from one of our YWAG group members about the meeting:

In our outlining of the YWAG group agreement, we’ve created a space where young women can share their thoughts freely - something that is all too rare in today’s society. Discussions about code words have enabled us to set boundaries, and present constructive feedback for one another, without fear of offending. Furthermore, our pledge to consider everyone’s perspective - including those who are missing from the room - should allow for nuanced conversation, and inclusive practice within the group. Such commitments to hearing everyone’s opinions have made the YWAG’s first few meetings both productive and welcoming in equal parts, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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