Our Work in Schools

Our mission is to bring about a culture shift in the way services are delivered to young women affected by gangs and county lines. We are funded by the Mayor’s Office Young Londoners Fund to deliver works in schools to young female pupils and to staff to bring this culture shift to the classroom.

Why Schools?

Young women and girls aged 11-18 in state schools in London need support in order to:

o build healthy relationships

o recognise signs of exploitation

o grow strategies to keep themselves safe

o grow self-esteem

o feel confident accessing services that are open to them (within and outside of school)

School staff with responsibilities for safeguarding and pastoral care need increased knowledge in order to:

o understand the ways young women and girls are affected by  gangs  and county lines, and the barriers to them accessing services

o be able to spot the signs a young woman or girl is being exploited in the context of gangs and county lines

o be able to better engage with and support young women and girls affected by gangs and county line activity

o grow knowledge and understanding of services open to young women and girls, therefore better able to signpost


How will we work with pupils?

We will speak at assemblies for 30 to 60 minutes.

The outcomes from these sessions:

o Increase in young women’s knowledge and understanding of the ways young women and girls are affected by gangs and county line activity


We will host group work sessions. We will work with 14 pupils for 3 x 60 to 90-minute workshops. In these sessions we will be:

o Exploring consent, the ways young women and girls are affected by  gangs  and county lines, relationship mapping, and safety planning

Through these activities:

o Gang affected young women move closer to their desired outcomes.

o Increased knowledge of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

o Young women (identified as vulnerable by their school) demonstrate increased resilience.

o Young women being more confident in approaching school safeguarding and pastoral support staff

How will we work with staff?

Schools are invited to select from the following options:

o Seminar to all staff

o Individual case consultations

o Presentation to governors

o School contextual safety plan

o Review of safeguarding policy


The outcomes of our work with staff:

o Increase in professionals’ knowledge and understanding of the ways young women and girls are affected by gangs and county lines

o Support professionals to better recognise and engage with young women affected by gangs

School report and recommendations

We will create a report for schools reflecting on our collaboration. The report may include:

o Intro to Abianda and local context

o Recap on activities delivered

o Overview of learning from sessions

o Evaluation responses

o Conclusion and recommendations

Want Abianda to come to your school?

Please contact Amanda[at]abianda.com. She will set up an introductory conversation to learn more about your school and discuss timelines.


Amanda will be able to provide guidance on selecting pupils for the group work (up to 14 pupils identified by the school as vulnerable to criminal, sexual and/or financial coercion, who should also be group work-ready).

Please click here for an informative flyer on our Schools work that you can share with your colleagues.